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Immersia 2023: We Value Your Feedback

Immersia Feedback

Immersia is a growing brand for us, and have just completed a successful second edition of the festival. As we plan ahead for 2024 Immersia, any feedback, suggestions or ideas you may like to share with us will be very welcome and valuable! 


Immersia 2023

Taichi at 2023 Immersia

2023 Immersia: Engaging with Asia and the Pacific

Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered for and was involved with 2023 Immersia: Engaging with Asia and the Pacific. 

We will see you again next year; till then, enjoy our content on this website from our first two years of Immersia and stay immersive, creative, diverse and multicultural!


Our 2023 Immersia Lineup


Immersia 2022

Immersive cultural learning, fun, food and festivity! 

This first-time initiative saw its launch on 1-3 December 2022, our very own flagship multicultural  perspectives festival that brought together our versatile and multidisciplinary facets into a cohesive, fun and immersive celebration.

The festival was free to attend, with a host of diverse events and activities for everyone.

Celebrating the diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism we stand for, Immersia aims to bring together our research and student community and strengthen collaboration and knowledge sharing across the university and beyond.

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The year 2022 marked the debut of Immersia, and we look forward to this festival becoming an annual feature at ANU.

We welcome you warmly to come with colleagues, friends and family to immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of our multicultural showcase! 

Highlights from 2022

Perfume making CHL

Perfume Culture in North India

This stellar event was a lowdown on the art and history of attar (perfume) in North India, exploring the culture and meanings of fragrance; interested participants also stayed on for a perfume-making workshop later. 


'Ger' up for Mongolian cultural immersion

Guests were able to explore the culture of Mongolia with a visit to a traditional ger and experience the Mongolian landscape and way of life through anthropologist Dr Natasha Fijn's lens at our gallery space!


Stargazing at the Oval

Guests enjoyed some ethereal stargazing at the Fellows Oval. Did you know that in 2018, a national stargazing event held here secured two Guinness World Records for Australia?

traditional dress showcase

Language Tasters and Traditional Dress Showcase

Participants were treated to some of our amazing languages with our language taster sessions designed to teach some key expressions in various Asian and Pacific languages; plus, there was lots to see and learn at our traditional dress show with a difference: showcasing the cultural, historical and social nuances of traditional attire from around the Asia-Pacific region!