Kicking off Immersia 2023 is Holly Bidwell, who will bring to life some amazing stories of Asia and the Pacific! Join in the fun!

Holly Bidwell is a storyteller in the oral tradition who performs folktales from around the world. She will be performing a range of stories for all ages from the Asia Pacific region and bringing them to life with props, rhymes and a bit of silliness. Come along and hear how Maui tamed the sun, how elephants got their trunks, and more.

Event Speakers

Dr Nayahamui Michelle Rooney

Holly Bidwell

An accredited storyteller with the ACT Storytellers Guild, Holly Bidwell has been sharing stories in and around Canberra since 2014. She also writes her own stories. 

Event details

Event date

Wed, 6 Sep 2023, 10 - 10:45am



Event speakers

Holly Bidwell