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Both the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific and the ANU School of Culture, History & Language (CHL) represent a unique kind of diversity and multicultural knowledge system.

This has traditionally been showcased in smaller flagship events and initiatives. 

Presenting Immersia: a unique concept that will showcase our research excellence differently. 

Immersia is all about cultural immersion for that real-time experience of all the cultural and research diversity we represent.

CHL Multidisciplinary

Bringing together our multidisciplinary facets

CHL Knowledge Sharing

Strengthening collaboration and knowledge sharing on a wider platform

Expertise at CHL

Showcasing our knowledge and expertise


Represent our approach to diversity of language, cuisine, art and craft

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Our extended vision on the CHL Flagship Program, which showcases our research excellence, is to broaden its reach via a creative, interactive platform like Immersia. 

Join us as we bring all our amazing diverse cultural perspectives together in a cohesive, vibrant and collective cultural event!

Come and immerse yourselves with us in Immersia: Engaging with the Pacific and Asia!